Green Smoothies

Try to be experimental with smoothies!

We like using the “fruit free smoothie” recipe (included below) as a base or starting point and then add or subtract vegetables depending on what you have available. If you cannot tolerate fruit you can use a great deal of green vegetables to make a great smoothie. If you are able to tolerate fruit, you may find that adding a small amount of fruit, such as berries, gives your smoothie a little variation as well. Make sure to always balance the fruit out with ample protein in the form of a protein powder. We recommend Vital Protein Collagen Peptides or the new Standard Process plant based protein powders and you can also add coconut flour in place of protein powder, if needed.

For fruit free smoothies: You can add lots of different vegetables depending on what you have on hand, including celery, beets and carrots. You can omit the coconut water and use plain water instead. Adding things such as hemp, flax or chia seeds will also help to give this smoothie some bulk and added nutrients.

Here is a fun little link giving directions in “how to build the perfect smoothie”: we recommend that clients limit grains, disregard the carbohydrate section of this and stick with the recommendation of including a good fat, vegetable and protein in your smoothie.

Another variation you can make from time to time, and tends to taste more like a dessert, is combining some canned coconut milk with a little bit of pumpkin puree, vanilla extract, water, coconut flour (or Vital Proteins), spinach, cinnamon and stevia.

You can also experiment with adding unsweetened cacao powder, spinach, vanilla extract and stevia mixed with water or coconut milk and a protein powder for yet another variation.

The possibilities are really endless and I hope that you find these suggestions helpful. 

Fruit Free Smoothie