Clean Beauty & Liquid Collagen

“What if, instead of allowing ingredients to disrupt the functions that our body is designed to do… We disrupt a system that allows toxic ingredients in our products?”
– Mirna Bailey

Advocating for Safer Beauty

There are over 80,000 chemicals in use in the United States. Only 30 have been banned as toxic or questionable ingredients in personal care products. The European Union has banned 1400.

Our skin is our largest organ. It matters what we put on it. Do you know what is in your personal care products?

Go to the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep database to see how your products rate. You want them to rate a 1 or a 2!

Looking to switch to clean beauty?

Beautycounter is the leader of the clean beauty movement and offers safe, high-performing products.

“My children are my canaries in the coal mine. It should not be so difficult to find products that don’t give them rashes, even ones labeled “natural” or “organic.” Too many children like them suffer from skin issues, eczema and digestive problems. With the majority of my clients at the Nutritional Wellness Center I identify toxicities as an underlying cause of their health concerns, especially in cases of stubborn weight gain, chronic pain and hormonal imbalance. No one should have to carry this burden. Beautycounter offers a platform to advocate for change and amazing, high-performing safer products! Their Never List contains 1500 harmful or questionable ingredients prohibited from product formulations. I am thrilled to share this solution with my community.”
– Sophie Alexander

Liquid Collagen

Not all collagens are created equal.

Did you know that we only absorb about 15-30% of collagen from animal byproducts, gelatin, powder, etc.

Liquid collagen is a naturally derived Collagen/HA matrix that’s scientifically tested and backed by 7 U.S and international patents. This single-source matrix is highly absorbable.

It’s clinically shown to deliver remarkable joint benefits and dramatic skin benefits too. This liquid collagen is pure, non-GMO, hormone-free, single-sourced, hydrolyzed, antibiotic-free, made from the chicken sternum, and sourced from North American suppliers. In fact, there are scientific studies about this liquid collagen.*

Here is the link to go about ordering the liquid collagen!

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